BotSharp strictly follows the modular design principle and adopts a structure in which views and logic are separated. So you can choose the front-end Bot design and management interface. If you want to use the Articulate UI as a front end, you can use the articulateui-specific compose file to quickly experience BotSharp.

Docker Composer

You can use docker compose to run, make sure you’ve got Docker installed.

PS D:\> git clone
PS D:\> cd BotSharp
  1. Integrate with Botpress
  2. Integrate with Articulate UI
PS D:\BotSharp\> docker-compose -f dockerfiles/docker-compose-articulateui.yml up

Point your web browser at http://localhost:3000 and enjoy Articulate-UI with BotSharp. ArticulateHomeScreenshot

  1. Integrate with Rasa UI, you can use docker compose to run.
PS D:\BotSharp\> docker-compose -f dockerfiles/docker-compose-rasaui.yml up

Point your web browser at http://localhost:5001 and enjoy Rasa-UI with BotSharp.


  1. Integrate with Rasa Talk

Building & Run locally

If you are a .NET developer and want to develop extensions or fix bug for BotSharp, you would CTRL + F5 to run it locally in debug mode. Make sure the Microsoft .NET Core build environment and Node.js is installed. Building solution using dotnet CLI (preferred).

  • Build NLU API
PS D:\> git clone
PS D:\> cd BotSharp
PS D:\> dotnet build -v m -o ../bin -c ARTICULATE
PS D:\> dotnet bin\BotSharp.WebHost.dll

If you don’t have Redis installed, please update ArticulateAi.json:

"AgentStorage": "AgentStorageInRedis"


"AgentStorage": "AgentStorageInMemory"
  • Build Chatbot Designer
PS D:\> git clone
PS D:\> cd articulate-ui
PS D:\> npm install
PS D:\> npm start

Building docker image

If you just want to run BotSharp as a backend NLU engine, you can run it standalone in docker.

PS D:\> git clone
PS D:\> cd BotSharp

Build docker image:

PS D:\BotSharp\> docker build -f dockerfiles/DIALOGFLOW.Dockerfile -t botsharp .

Start a container:

PS D:\BotSharp\> docker run --name botsharp -it -p 5000:5000 botsharp

Access restful APIs: http://localhost:5000 if you are using RASA response format.

Get a bash shell if you want to update config in the container.

PS D:\BotSharp\> docker exec -it botsharp /bin/bash


Install in NuGet

PM> Install-Package BotSharp.Core
PM> Install-Package BotSharp.RestApi

Use BotSharp.NLP as a natural language processing toolkit alone.

PM> Install-Package BotSharp.NLP